Creator? This is how we roll:

  • Work your magic: make a design

    or, ask for help, we’d be happy to oblige.

  • Choose an item

    Browse through the selection of garments.

  • What should it cost? How long should your campaign run?

    You decide in the profit and the campaign duration – from 24h to 21 days

  • Make a buzz!

    Tell your friends, fans, lovers ... share on social media.

  • Sit back, relax, count your blessings (or profits)

    At the end of the campaign, we’ll pay you and print the items within 2/5 working days.

For you? Sure! 

FabricMerch is open to anyone and everyone. Artists, designers, musicians, charities ... Looking for an outlet to show and sell your designs? Looking for a place to raise funds for a specific cause? Come on over!   

FabricMerch provides you with a free platform to create and sell merchandise without any upfront costs, or risk. You create a design, set up a campaign, and make a buzz.  In order for your campaign to be fulfilled you need to sell a minimum of ten items. Tip: spread the word on social media. Once your campaign ends we handle the printing of your orders, ship to your customers, and any associated customer service. And then (here comes the greatest part) we send you the profit!

Do you want to know how big your piece of the cake is?
Use our online calculator to see how much your profits can be.
Choose your garment, the color, the numbers of colors printed (front, back, neck, sleeve), set your aimed selling price and change the quantity of items you aim to sell. It's as simple as that.


More questions? Browse through the FAQ’s or drop us a line -