FAQ's for creators

FabricMerch? For you? Sure!

FabricMerch is open to anyone and everyone. Artists, designers, musicians, charities ... Looking for an outlet to show and sell your designs? Looking for a place to raise funds for a specific cause? Come on over!   

We screenprint 95% of FabricMerch garments, and use DTG printing on some lower selling, high colour campaigns (eg. 10 units with 7 colours print) to help keep minimum quantities and profit margins as low as possible.

Nothing, nada, zilch! In Dutch ‘nougabollen’. All the production, handling and shipping costs are covered by your buyers' orders. Give it a whirl!

We accept files in Vector (EPS, AI, PDF) or image format (jpg, psd, png, tif) in high resolution. Your file can be a maximum size of 5MB, if larger please use WeTransfer.

For best results please ensure your background is transparent.

Need to be sure? Drop us a line at hello@fabricmerch.com. We’ll have a look and let you know!

We’ll do our utmost to get your campaign up and running within 2 working days.

Sorry, but no. If you have made an error in your design and want the campaign cancelled, please email hello@fabricmerch.com with your campaign details and we will be able to close the campaign for you, and cancel all orders.

From 24 hours to a maximum of 21 days. We recommend 14 days, but – of course - you choose what works best for you. 

Not at all! Our minimum print run is ten items, so as long as you make ten sales your design will go to print.

Inflation? No, in all honesty: buyers may cancel their orders before (or when) the campaign closes, reducing your total sales figure. Sometimes a buyer's payment method can't be verified nor can the charge be completed. We do contact buyers if their payment fails, but if we can't retake the payment that will affect your total sales.

If it looks way off, drop us a line at hello@fabricmerch.com and we can take a look into it for you.

48 hours after your campaign completes successfully. We leave this gap to enable us to chase up any payments that didn't go through, and ensure all of your customers orders are paid up.

If there are any garments that are out of stock with our suppliers when your campaign completes we allow 48 hours for buyers to confirm if they would like an alternative garment or a refund. This means that the option to request your payout may be delayed by up to 48 hours.

Sure you do, it's income the same as any other. For advice on this, check with your booky or the government website.