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So you want a piece of the cake, don’t you? :)

  • Do you want to sell your creative idea through our platform? Great!
  • And you want to earn some money with that? Even better.
  • Welcome to FabricMerch, your gateway to eternal succes. Or at least the start of it.

Calculate your profits

So you want to know how big your piece of the cake is?
Use our online calculator to see how much your profits can be.
Choose your garment, the color, the numbers of colors printed (front, back, neck, sleeve), set your aimed selling price and change the quantity of items you aim to sell. It's as simple as that.

Before we launch your campaign on our platform

Before we launch your campaign on our platform, we need to know what your idea is. Let us know what you have in mind: a t-shirt with a 1 color print, a crewneck with an embroidery, a full color printed totebag,…?

You can see all the available garments here. Pick your favourite garment and let us know how you want it to be decorated. Send us your design through WeTransfer and don’t forget to put your name in the comment field.

You can download the templates of the garments here.

Please fill in the form below, so we get to know each other

Just the basic info, we don’t need to know your dirty secrets. :)

B54 6 Panel Cap Baby Changer CN100 Changer sweater Creator T-shirt Cruiser sweater Drummer 2.0 sweater Drummer sweater Expresser T-shirt Fuser Heavy Cotton Hooded Sweater Heavy Cotton T-shirt Jazzer T-shirt King Crew Neck Basic Sweater Kustom Kit Polo Men Kustom Kit Polo Women Light Tote Bag Mini Changer Mini Creator PA133 Regatta Darby Men Regatta Darby Women Regatta Dover Jacket Regatta Octagon Men Regatta Octagon Women Regatta Xpro Exosphere Rib Beanie Rocker T-shirt Roller crewneck Russell Fleece Men Russell Fleece Women Russell Oxford Longsleeve Men Russell Oxford Shortsleeve Men Shifts Dry Longsleeve Tote Bag Ultra Cotton Longsleeve
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