Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

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Creator: D.G. & C.T.

fGripped by the Soul of Spiritual Awakening is the research project of D.G. & C.T., guest researchers with Erasmus University Rotterdam’s Department of Arts & Culture Studies. We investigate heritage and identity in black metal from the Dutch-speaking Low Countries. We recently presented our early findings at Oxford University and at the Samhain metal festival in Hasselt, Belgium. In early 2024, we aim to publish the first article based on this project, featuring several interviews with black metal bands. To support an Open Access publication, we are proud to announce this unique shirt, featuring an 18th century print of the Frisian child terror Elf-Rib (drawn by Isaac van Ostade and printed by Isaac Vincentsz. van der Vinne).  

We want to thank L.K. for the shirt design and the band Fluisteraars for permitting the use of their translated album title for our project and all related promotional activities. We also want to thank the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam for the commercial use of the Elf-Rib image.

Print on Stanley/Stella Creator (unisex), organic cotton.

We use Chomsky font, a newspaper masthead font in the style of the New York Times masthead, created from scanned images. Only the software used to produce the font is protected by copyright, while the design is not. This allows us to use, modify and redistribute the font freely, including for commercial purposes, as long as reserved names are not used.

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