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Creator: Bearhole

Due to overwhelming demand, Bearhole is back with a brand new T-shirt. Starring: the iconic logo embroidered on quality cotton.

Says a humble yet proud CEO Dick Weyls: “We went all the way for this specimen. Early prototypes featured long sleeves, one sleeve, no sleeve and even four sleeves. In the end we went for what’s truly fundamental in a t-shirt: two side-holes for the arms and a top incision for the neck. Instant classic!”

Chief Operating Designer Jacques Prélude confirms on a more serious note: “We’re very pleased with how this garment turned out. To make the embroidery a success, we stripped down the logo to its bear essence. This makes the lines and colours vividly stand out. A limited time offer you can’t refuse. Well, can, but shouldn’t. Could, maybe, but shorn’t.”

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